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“Motivated by Quality, Focused on You”

To lead an industry like ours, it takes a few brave, bold visionaries.

To charter the unchartered territory.

To give credibility where credibility is due.

To initiate initiatives that will forever change what once was.

This is what we’re doing.

Trim – by Trusted Herb Care


Founder and CEO

My love for the business grew in 2017 while working with and for many other teams/companies. I specifically took all the things I didn’t like and created my own practice which has brought me to where I am today. I decided to unfollow the crowd I was in and create my very own DREAM TEAM that turned into over 150 professional contractors in just a few years. I run a professional and reliable trim company and have established what’s best for this type of service practice. Customer service is number one.

Dina was one of the first trim companies legally started in Metro Detroit and through years of teaching many companies have tried to copy her entire busines model. Often imitated but NEVER duplicated Dina makes sure to stay on top by servicing Michigan’s top Marijuana facilities. In this industry reputation is everything. Trusted Herb Care is not just a group of people who work together they are a team of people that trust each other.

Workforce collaboration is what we do best.


Chief Financial Officer and HR Manager

Dina’s youngest sibling Tanya plays a very big role in the company. She handles everything from Human Resources to Payroll and makes sure each facility is fully staffed daily. Tanya’s love for the business began when she was called in for back-up when there was a shortage of trimmers. She instantly became the fastest and most consistent trimmer on the team.

She would fill in after her mortgage job and on weekends while the team was still growing. She finally decided to leave the industry she was in to be a Co-Owner and CFO of Trusted Herb Care. Tanya is now what her older sister Dina calls the ‘Chaos Coordinator’ of Trusted Herb Care.


Trusted Herb Care is fully insured to control accidents and injury in the workplace. Every leader has a written safety plan on every job site for protection against injury.

Safety always comes first not only with our internal staff but also with our clients’ products. We train every contractor hired on ways to avoid any contamination brought from outside into the grow facility. It is 100% our duty and responsibility as a professional company to ensure each contractor follows strict protocols implemented by us for us.


The office of Trusted Herb Care is conveniently located on Northwestern HWY and is used as a training facility to make sure each contractor is always advancing as this new industry is forever changing and advancing.


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